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Making a Name of Its Own, Genesis is Rolling Out New Inventory Models in West Chester, PA

If you are looking for a vehicle line that is new and fresh, look no further than the contemporary and modern Genesis inventory lineup. Previously known as the Hyundai Genesis since its emergence in 2004, this auto model has taken control into its own hands by creating a Genesis brand of its own in 2015.

Launching the first ever stand-alone Genesis model, the G90 kicked off this auto brand's dive into a class of its own. Now known for its ever-expanding model offering, Genesis has four different vehicle types to choose from. While it seems, this automaker will not stop there, these four models comprise the current inventory of this innovative, new brand of Genesis SUVs and sedans.

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2023 Genesis Sedan and SUV Model Inventory

Currently specializing in new SUVs and sedans, the 2023 Genesis inventory lineup is selective and preferential. Offering only the best automotive design and components, new Genesis inventory is limited in number but robust in features and amenities. Look at the most recent models Genesis has to offer below.

Genesis SUVs

One of the hottest vehicle types in the modern auto market is the SUV. Incorporating immense space with the agility and fuel efficiency of a sedan, the SUV is a great model for families, commercial endeavors, and extroverts who love traveling around the Wayne, PA and Wilmington, DE area with lots of friends and family. The star of the show in the 2023 Genesis lineup is the GV80 SUV model. As a luxury model and the first SUV ever produced by Genesis, the GV80 is a completely new journey for this automaker. Despite their novice status in this type of vehicle, Genesis has done well for themselves in developing and marketing the new GV80 for 2023 . From a posh exterior design to the heated second-row seats, the Genesis GV80 is prepared to offer an image of luxury and comfort for passengers.

Genesis Sedans

Though Genesis has many more sedan options to offer than SUVs, three models that are available from this automaker are just as exclusive and distinguished. Comprised of the G70, G80, and G90, there are three total sedan models relevant to the 2023 Genesis vehicle lineup.

  • 2023 Genesis G70 Sedan: As the base model Genesis sedan, the G70 is much more than a standard car. This luxury sedan is much more powerful than most, offering up to 365-horsepower delivering power is what the G70 does best. Equipped with a duo of turbocharged engines, the Genesis G70 is always pushing the limit. With a bold look that transcends into the interior of this luxury sedan, passengers are wrapped in an environment of luxury style, bold power, and athleticism throughout.

  • 2023 Genesis G80 Sedan: A bit more refined than the G70, the Genesis G80 integrates more technology and safety attributes into the very nature of this luxury sedan. Its upscale essence and power generation provide an enhanced driving experience that many drivers simply are not used to. Taking a moment to appreciate this sedan, the G80 gives buyers a reason to be excited again.

  • 2023 Genesis G90 Sedan: Making its mark as the best of the best, the 2023 Genesis G90 sedan is a model to consider. If you want a vehicle that is adorned with the best luxury interior attributes, you will find it here. If you enjoy unrequited power that cannot be reined in, the G90 has it. Technology that far surpasses any general expectations is innate in this sedan, and the list of outstanding attributes just keeps building.

We do not blame you if you simply cannot believe these claims about the new 2023 Genesis inventory lineup, so we invite you to make a reservation at our West Chester, PA Genesis dealership to see it for yourself. Setting a date and time to see a Genesis model in person and go on a test drive will ensure you have access to one of the boldest, most impressive sedans or SUVs around.

We encourage you to arrange a Genesis G80 reservation in the trim that's piqued your interest at our Genesis dealership in West Chester, PA.